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"Kyle's story is captivating, powerful, and authentic. If you hear Kyle speak it's hard not to be inspired. Simply put, his presentation rocks! "-David Schnurman - President of 

Entrepreneurs Organization NY

" Genarcross Family and Youth had the opportunity to have Kyle speak to our staff.  His story is one that our staff can relate to with the clients they work with.  The courage of Kyle to tell his story has already gone a long ways with our staff.  He was able to give our staff a perspective through the eyes of our clients. His story is one that is encouraging and motivational.  Genacross Family and Youth highly recommends Kyle to businesses, agencies, communities and indiviuals" 

- Tim Davis Assistant Executive Director

Gencross Family and Youth

“Kyle's story is one which many people can relate to and inspires others once they realize they are not alone in their journey of finding their own path.  I have seen Kyle speak a number of times and each time I come away motivated.  I certainly recommend Kyle as a great asset to your next workshop, seminar, or conference”.  - Frank Furbacher, Frame of Mind Certified Coach

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with your presentation. Your message of staying positive and believing in yourself made a profound impression. And sharing your personal story gave you the necessary ‘street cred’ to engage the kids fully, almost as peers. Also, as far as achieving success when you told them, ‘you’re going to have to work for it,’ I saw their ears prick up, because it’s true and they know it. The more they hear the better. I speak for us all when I say we look forward to your return”. - Earl Whitted, Adoption and Foster Care Living Skills Specialist - The Children's Village, Harlem, NYC

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